Life Coaching

Hi,I'm William

Professional Life Coach

My passion is to see people come to a place where they feel alive. To feel confident and fulfilled as a person who is on a great journey in life. To feel equipped in themselves to face whatever challenges they may have.  It’s wonderful to help individuals to show up with strength and grace in their work home and social life, to move through life’s many transitions, and learn to bridge the gap between how they see themselves, and who they truly want to be.

I trained in mediation/conflict resolution work through Regents College London and Restorative Justice through Greenwich College London. I'm also a trained Co Active Coach with one of the world's longest established companies, CTI (Coaches Training Institute). I love art, meeting with friends, travel, hospitality and gardening. The sun is a must and new horizons is where I thrive. 


It can feel hard to get from here to there

The reality is, life in all its exciting, scary, challenging and frustrating moments needs to be navigated, whatever it looks like. It's good to know you don't have to do all of this on your own.

  • Coaching doesn't start with fixing a problem.... Although usually it's a challenge of some sort that  gets someone thinking about coaching.

  • Coaching starts with the person. It's about Your values, Your hopes, and dream. It starts with the fundamental belief that you are Creative, Resourceful and whole. 

  • You have the ability to choose, to reimagine, to grow as a person, and to begin to believe you can reach those specific goals you have for yourself.

  • An opportunity to explore the passion that drives you. Maybe it’s a passion that you have been afraid to acknowledge or found hard to put intro words


Coaching is an excellent resource when you are in  a time of Transition and change.​ When you are feeling ​stuck and over challenged or you have lost confidence. When those brilliantly thought out  plans aren't working out as you thought they would.


The reality is, life in all its exciting, scary, challenging and frustrating moments needs to be navigated, whatever it looks like.




  • There has to be more to life than this.

  • Why do I feel stuck?

  • Why am I afraid of this new phase?

  • I really want to grow in confidence

  • I don’t know what I want to do

Often, all you need is another who is skilled and who will journey with you.  Not with the answers, (you will already have those in you). Someone who encourages you towards the confidence to face a new challenge. Someone who can be your champion and your challenger.

"My experience of working with William was invaluable. I will certainly be back to see him again. I was stuck in my journey and not sure of where to turn next...I went away feeling in control of where I am heading and with clarity on what it is that I am looking for."

Richard Sales, Activator, Suffolk



If your curiosity is spiked, feel free to get in touch with me and we can arrange a session. It’s totally free and will give you a chance to see if coaching is what you want, and if I am the right person for you. You will need to give about 40 mins for the call.

If you would like to start coaching, I would suggest committing to at least 6 sessions. Cost should never be an obstacle. Your financial constraints will depend on many things, if you are unemployed, a student, a retired person, a CEO, a new business start up a parent going back to work after being at home. We are all different, and it’s ultimately an expression of your commitment to your journey at the stage of life you are. We work this out together.



I'd love to hear from you

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