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Life is full of so many transitions. With many of them, help comes from all kinds of places. Yet a very key and exciting challenge, seems to bring very little support. That is the transition to retirement. 


Many people don't want to talk about it, some view it with euphoria, and can't wait to get started, others feel like they are facing the end. There is plenty of information about pension funds, individual advice on how much you need to retire, all the new ways you can manage your money.


Yet increasingly we are seeing that the greatest issues which people face around retirement are more about self esteem, identity and what purpose they now have in life. Issues around health, physically and mentally can become an issue. Many feel lonely having left the full time workforce which took up so much of their life. Others ask the question, now that I'm not leading a team or producing something, or supporting a company, who am I? For others with retirement, and children left home, the relationship with their partner is showing many cracks.


Retirement is clearly not an end, but the beginning of a new era, one in which we bring great life skills and resilience. We have much still to offer. 

A once in a lifetime opportunity

Are you ready for the Challenge?

You don't have to start this journey on your own

Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to review your life,

  • To look afresh at your values and beliefs. 

  • To find a new purpose.

  • To take time to explore whats important to you. 

  • It is a time when you can say Yes and No because it seems good to you.

  • A time to volunteer

  • To develope that skill you always wanted to do,

  • To take time to refresh your key relationships

If you are preparing for retirement, or have come through the honeymoon stage and realise there are things you need to look at. Get in touch, call or e-mail. We will have a first free session to see if this is something would be valuable for you. There is no obligation.


If you wish to continue we will arrange times and dates. Usually every two weeks for 6 sessions works well. The sessions can all be done on the phone or by skype, which ever suits you. You don't have to leave your home.


I'd love to hear from you

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